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    frustrated by your own budget?

    Having a budget, and a financial plan, is always a good idea but why does it seem like sticking to your budget is even harder than sticking to your diet?

    Our money is deeply personal, even intimate, yet the very budgets we set for ourselves can leave us feeling confined and boxed in. If your budget is the source of frustration or friction between you and your spouse or partner then it’s definitely time to understand your emotional relationship with money.

    We all have a core neuro-energy level when it comes to finance, but that primary level doesn’t limit you. Imagine having less budget frenzy simply through learning to choose the energy level you want or need as you make financial choices?

    Purposefully choosing your neuro-energy level when mapping out your budget, making significant purchases, or facing unexpected expenses can give you the freedom to consider a more useful emotional response and make better choices when it really counts.

    so how does it work?

    Most budgets are straight-forward and logical, but executing them can be anything but, thanks to our emotional relationship with money.

    Start with understanding what areas of your budget trigger the frustration – don’t think in mathematical terms but rather think about how yow you respond when things go according to plan, or not.

    For example, when you pay your cable bill on time do you get a sense of satisfaction or control knowing everything is in order and you’ve taken care of business or, do take that moment to fret and wonder if you’re paying too much or paying for unused channels – well who wants to do that every month!

    Or maybe adhering to your savings goals makes you downright mad, oh sure you set aside the money you promised yourself you’d save each month but you somehow resent your own budget.

    If you constantly spend time thinking about what else you could be doing with that money this month, then it’s time to understand your emotional relationship with money and stop being angry at yourself even when you’re doing something positive, like saving for you future. Once you identify those moments of fear, frustration, or fulfillment you increase your chances for success.

    Most couples create and agree on a budget together but for many of us, the conversations we do – or don’t have – about money and budgets are the number one source of friction between them.

    The 7 neuro-energy levels are already in your toolbox, they key is to pick the right energy level in the right moment. Once you understand that you’ll truly be the master of your own budget!